Using technology transfer, Rome Labs partners with private companies and academia to advance our nation’s economy, innovation, and capabilities. Learn how we can work together to advance our country into the 21st century economy.

How it works


Whether it is furthering your research or developing your business to the next level, you can benefit from government resources and technology.


Licensing technology allows your business to build off existing research and development that has been done through Rome Labs.

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We run a variety of programs and events to stimulate innovation and technology in Upstate New York.

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Partner with Rome Labs to pursue common research goals, leverage government resources, and work with subject matter experts.

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Iconic Inventions


Over a decade ago, the AFRL/RI initiated a project called “Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes” (CALO). Apple® bought the company that licensed the technology and developed Siri®.

Siri® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Iconic Inventions

The Formula for the foundation of latex paint

In the 1950’s, a weather resistant paint was designed to coat radar housings. This paint was adaptable for use in arctic or desert environments, and extended radar dome life for at least 3 years. This formula later became the foundation for latex paint.  

Iconic Inventions

Rome engineers laid the groundwork for the internet

In the late 1960’s, there was concern of losing communication lines because of nuclear attack. Rome engineers helped build computer protocols, creating ARPANet and enabled continuous communication for the President after an attack. This work provided the groundwork for further development of the internet.

Iconic Inventions

Cell phone fingerprint detection and orientation

Rome Labs was at the forefront of the development of technology that lets smartphones understand their orientation and recognize fingerprints for biometric security.

Key focus areas

Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence

Advanced visualization, machine learning (ML), intelligent agents, and tools to manage joint and combined military operations.

Uncrewed Aerial Systems

UAS stands for Uncrewed Aircraft (or Aerial) System. UAS encompasses not only the UAV, but also the team on the ground controlling the flight, and the system that connects the two (GPS, ground control, transmissions systems, cameras, and software).

Artificial Intelligence

Harness the speed and scale of machines to exponentially increase human capacity for situational awareness and to command & control in an increasingly complex battlespace

Machine Learning

Academia to DoD, a pipeline for accelerated Machine Learning R&D to Air Force applications. Reducing the time & cost of delivering ML algorithms


Deliver the science and technology that enables our freedom to operate in cyberspace while denying the adversary the same.


Ultra-secure quantum communication and enable fundamentally new communication protocols using memory-based qubits and integrated-circuit-based interconnects

How does the Griffiss Institute Help?

We enable open innovation between government agencies, academic institutions, and industry partners to advance our national security and economic competitiveness. By connecting diverse teams and technologies at our home in the Innovare Advancement Center within New York’s Mohawk Valley, we provide access to government personnel, resources, state-of-the-art technologies, and specialized equipment not available elsewhere.

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Success Stories

The Widespread Adoption of ATAK, a Revolutionary Smartphone App

The Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) provides people with real time updates of their operational environment. It can be used in many different industries such as event management, entertainment, recreation, energy, and transportation.

A Collapsible Satellite Communication Terminal For Urgent Military Need

A partnership with Eclipse Composites Engineering created an entire satellite communications terminal that would fit into a rucksack.